Hitch Installation Albuquerque

The ability to tow a trailer is a useful addition to any vehicle! Whether to transport debris, move residences, or travel, a trailer allows for the convenience and ability to perform a variety of tasks—and it’s all made possible with the simple installation of a hitch!

At Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories in Albuquerque, we offer the widest selection of hitches, hitch accessories, and professional hitch installation services to improve the look and functionality of nearly any vehicle. Whether you own a sedan, crossover, SUV or truck and want to add a hitch, we’ll guide you in selecting the correct one to transform the look of your vehicle and its capabilities! Our technicians are experts in both the automobile and hitch industries and offer expert insight and recommendations in choosing additional accessories and parts to complement your new hitch. Towing, hauling, and pulling a trailer has never been easier, thanks to the number one hitch installation services in Albuquerque at Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories!

Designed for Your Vehicle

What vehicle are you wanting to add a hitch to and what are you wanting to utilize your hitch for? These are the two initial questions we’ll ask that will point out which hitch will work best. Hitches can be incredibly specific, down to the year, make, and model of your vehicle, and we offer hitches for almost every vehicle on the road! This customization allows for easier installation, maximum towing capacity, and ensures optimal performance, potential, and integration with other features!

Choose Your Class

Typically, hitch receivers are divided into 5 classes: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5 - XD, and Class 5 - CD. Which class you’ll need is determined by the hitch receiver size, gross trailer weight (GTW), tongue weight (TW), and weight distribution (WD).

Maximize Towing Potential

What and how often will you be towing? If you’re wanting to tow a big travel trailer fairly often, you’ll want to consider a high-rated hitch and larger hitch receiver to maximize your potential. If you’re wanting to tow a lightweight trailer every so often or add a bike rack, a smaller hitch will be sufficient enough!

Accessorize and Utilize

More than offering the leading hitch installation services in Albuquerque, we also offer a wide selection of parts and accessories for your hitch or trailer, such as bike racks, hitch covers, tow bars, towing mirrors, and more to customize your hitch and get the most use out of it!

Additional Hitch Uses

The benefits of a hitch go far beyond towing! Here are some of the many other uses and abilities a hitch offers:

  • Bike Rack
  • Cargo Carrier
  • Hitch Step
  • Superbumper
  • Mounted Grills
  • Boat Hitches
  • And More!

Endless adventure, endless possibilities, endless capabilities.

Convinced you need a hitch?

Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories is your leading provider for hitches, hitch accessories, and hitch installation in Albuquerque! Call us today at (505) 294-1209 and we’ll hook it up—literally!

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