Wheels & Tires

After Market Wheels, Tires and Rims

​When you’re putting your vehicle to the test, you want to be sure it’s equipped with the right wheels and tires. Ultimate Car and Truck Accessories in Albuquerque has everything you need for your vehicle.


If you want to add some style and flash to your car, we have all of the after market rims you want. We offer after market rims in every size from 15″ to 20″ and in any other detail you could want such as colored or chrome.


The wheels and tires you use are also important on a truck. If you’re using it for work on a construction site or for going off road for an adrenaline rush, you want to have the best wheels and tires possible.

Jeep & 4x4

For performance and safety we offer top-of-the line off road and 4x4 tires that are specifically designed for any rough terrain you may take your vehicle over.

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With over 80 years of combined experience, we guarantee our installation work and offer a lifetime labor warranty on everything we install. After we install your after market wheels, rims, and tires, we will balance them in-house to ensure you get the best possible performance from them.

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