Performance Auto Parts & Installation Services

Not quite satisfied with the factory performance of your vehicle? Wish you could coax a bit more torque, acceleration, or power out of it? Want to make your buddies choke on your exhaust? Ultimate Car and Truck Accessories provides a number of options for fine tuning cars and trucks to get the best performance and greatest speed possible.

Never get left behind again. Increase your vehicle’s performance with aftermarket parts from Ultimate Car and Truck Accessories!

Ultimate Car and Truck Accessories offers a variety of top-of-the-line brands and models of aftermarket performance parts for your car or truck. Our technicians have over 80 years of combined experience in installing performance enhancing auto parts.

We combine the best products available with a lifetime labor warranties on everything we install on your vehicle.

We sell and install the following performance parts:

​Performance Exhaust Systems

Choose between cat-back, turbo-back, dual or Flowmaster exhaust systems. We offer a wide range of high performance systems and cold air intakes.

Programmers and ECM Upgrades

We offer various computer auto programmers and ECM upgrades to add torque and HP. We also boost the efficiency in your air/fuel ratio, shift points, fuel injection and increase your mileage.

Throttle Bodies/Spacers

Throttle body spacers can add power and improve gas mileage by increasing the air volume between the throttle body and engine. We offer a variety of throttle bodies and spacers for any car or truck.

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Our technicians are ASE and Direct-Tech certified. We handle our customer’s cars in the way they should be handled—as a person’s valuable possession. With one of the largest top-of-the-line performance parts inventories, over 80 years of combined experience, lifetime labor warranties, matched prices and certified technicians, we have what you want! Contact Ultimate Car and Truck Accessories for price quotes on our performance auto parts and services today.

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