Lift Kits Albuquerque

Whether you’re looking for a lift kit to enhance the look of your vehicle, or improve its off-road performance, Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories in Albuquerque can help you take your ride to the next level—literally! From products and brands to industry-leading services, we take pride in offering and installing the best suspension lift kits in Albuquerque to ensure your ride is safe, stylish, and attuned to your needs!

Elevated Service and Selection

Modifying the look of any truck, SUV, or Jeep takes precise work, expert ability, and high-quality parts. Our technicians are ASE and Direct-Tech certified and trained on a variety of lift kits to raise the height and amplify the look any vehicle. We recognize that searching for a suspension lift kit in Albuquerque that provides the look you desire but also meets the needs of your ride can be a hassle, but at Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories, our goal is to make your experience as simple as possible! We carry some of the most trusted brands and offer a wide selection of products and kits, including:

  • Lift Kit Suspension
  • Suspension Air Springs Kits
  • Load Leveling Kits
  • Coil Springs
  • Leaf Springs
  • Ball Joints
  • Air Helper Spring Spacers
  • Coil Spring Spacers
  • Control Arms
  • Control Arm Bushings

More than a Size-Up

Aside from giving your vehicle a heightened look, a lift kit also enhances its ability and stability. Whether you have a 3 inch, 10 inch, or higher lift, your vehicle’s added ground clearance ups its off-road capabilities and helps it maintain a consistent ride height on any terrain! If components in your vehicle's suspension are worn, such as bad or faulty shocks, it could hinder its performance and ability to handle corners, turns, and rugged ground. However, by giving your vehicle a suspension upgrade, you'll significantly reduce the effect of shock forces, increase the amount of weight your vehicle supports, and better maintain its wheel alignment—all of which leads to an improved driving experience!

Level Up with Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories Albuquerque

Having one of the most comprehensive car and truck accessory inventories in Albuquerque, we’re confident that we can help you achieve any look for your vehicle, no matter the brand, make, model, or year! If you’re wanting to take your ride to the next level, trust the experts at Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories for timely service, accurate results, and an overall great experience! Level-up today and call us at (505) 294-1209!

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