Thule Roof Racks Albuquerque

Headed to the mountains? You’ll need camping gear. Road tripping to the beach? Don’t forget the snorkel and surf board! Simply visiting family? Still, you’ll need to pack your overnight stuff.

It all comes down to this simple fact: your vehicle not only transports you, but also your stuff. Whether cross country or just across town, when we travel, our belongings do too, and it’s important to ensure they’re transported safely, easily, and in style! Don’t squish your SUV passengers with baggage or pile up the bed of your truck to the max—instead consider a Thule roof rack!

Albuquerque has long trusted Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories to enhance their vehicle, and roof racks are no exception! We’re proud to offer a variety of Thule roof racks for every type of vehicle, making sure your function and style needs are met. From guiding you in choosing the right roof rack to set up and installation—if you’re searching for Albuquerque Thule roof racks, look no further than Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories!

Ready for Adventure, Made for Security

Thule’s commitment remains to you, your passengers, and the safety of everyone in and around your vehicle. For this reason, safety is at the core of our roof racks. From a safe, simple installation to ensuring your cargo is secured, each Thule roof rack has been tested and deemed safe by the Thule Test Center™. Whether through rugged terrain or fast-paced highways, you can rest assured knowing that you, your passengers, and cargo are safe no matter where you travel!

ABQ Thule Roof Racks

Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories in Albuquerque carries Thule roof racks because they are among the safest, strongest, and most stylish roof racks in the industry. We want our customers to have access to the very best, and Thule is exactly that! From sedans and SUVs to trucks and beyond, Thule roof racks are available in either all black or grey and each is easy to set up and use. Some of the Thule roof racks available in Albuquerque at Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories are:

  • Thule Evo WingBar
  • Thule AeroBlade Edge
  • Thule SquareBar Evo
  • Amd Thule ProBar Evo

Your search for Thule roof racks in Albuquerque ends here at Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories! Call us today at (505) 294-1209 and get ready for your next adventure with a roof rack.

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