Tonneau Covers Albuquerque

Whether to tackle tough terrain or haul large loads and items, trucks are built for both work and play! Truck owners—you know of the extra convenience that owning a pickup truck offers; if you’re camping, it’s perfect for taking everything you need, or if you’re moving, easily do so yourself—no rental truck needed! No matter what precious cargo you’re hauling, however, it’s important to ensure it’s safe and protected, especially in Albuquerque!

Protect. Conceal. Secure.

Designed with convenience and durability in mind, the best way to keep your items secure is with a tonneau cover! Avoid having your expensive tools and golf clubs stolen, or your groceries or luggage getting drenched in the rain—from thefts to the unpredictability of Albuquerque’s weather, a tonneau cover will conceal and protect your belongings! No matter what truck you have, give it a sleek look with added protection and efficiency! Visit Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories today and discover the widest selection of tonneau covers Albuquerque has to offer!

A Tonneau for Every Truck

Understanding what tonneau cover will best suit you and your needs is important to ensuring maximum coverage and protection! Is it for a work truck that does a lot of heaving hauling and needs extra security? Or just a commuter truck that hauls everyday items? Whether a mini, midsize, or full-size truck, we have a tonneau for every size and option of bed!

Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories offers tonneau covers that are:

  • Tri-fold
  • Flip-up
  • Roll-up
  • Hinged
  • Retractable
  • Hard covers
  • Soft covers
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminium
  • And more!

If you need another reason to purchase a tonneau for your truck, here’s one: better gas mileage! Covering the large open bed space of a truck helps improve its aerodynamic drag which improves its fuel economy and ultimately, saves you money!

Buy A Tonneau Today!

Ensure that whatever your hauling is out of sight and protected from wind, rain, and snow! Searching for a tonneau cover in Albuquerque? Your search ends here, with Ultimate Car & Truck Accessories! Our techs perform certified and professional installations to help you choose the perfect tonneau to suit you, your needs, and your tuck! Call us today at (505) 294-12090 and have confidence in a secure, stylish ride!

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